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A convenient location

Our convenient location is well serviced by road, public transport and walking and bike paths. Two bus routes provide convenient access for students to Lalor North College. Bus routes 564 and 566 stop outside the College on Childs Road.


Surrounded by extensive gardens and landscaped courtyards that create a colourful and aesthetically pleasing learning environment, college buildings include art and technology rooms, gymnasium, drama and music rooms, extensive computer labs, healthy food canteen...

Enrolment through application

Each year a large number of prospective parents and students express interest in enrolling at the College and we encourage parents and students to participate in the Open Night, regular College Tours, and other information and transition programs.

  • Lalor North Secondary College
  • 114 Childs Road, Epping, Victoria 3076
  • Telephone: 9401 3888
  • Fax: 9408 6983
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