We are an accredited provider under the Victorian ISP [CRICOS Provider Code 00861K]. In recent years we have hosted several students from Vietnam, Lebanon, Cambodia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and China who have lived with local families and studied the VCE.

To attend the College, international students must obtain a study visa from the Immigration Department and permission to study from the Victorian Government Schools International Student Program.

Lalor is a suburb 20 km to the north of Melbourne, it is a mixed residential, commercial area, well serviced by to train stations and a good bus network. LNC is a culturally diverse population of approximately 400 students. We aim to provide and sustain a learning community which nurtures and encourages academic success, along with the provision of challenging opportunities for those students whose talents and interests lie in Science, the Arts, Technology or Music.

EAL classes are offered at all levels and International students have access to all other support services the school provides.


International students are encouraged and supported to join local sporting teams, participate in a range of local area activities, and to feel part of the local community.

International students have a co-ordinator and the support of the EAL department and students and a Multicultural Ethnic Aide.





Student Code of Conduct

Further enquiries

For more information contact the school.

  • Principal Class Officer – Chris Peake – tel. 9401 3888,
  • International Student Co-ordinator Margaret Badham – tel. 9401 3888, email
  • International Division of Education (Vic)
  • Distance from Melbourne: 20 km
  • International Student provider: Department of Education and Training [CRICOS Provider code:00861K]