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Lalor North Secondary College was established on the current site in Childs Road Epping in 1978. It is located in the residential area of Epping in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. It is a single campus, Year 7-12 co-educational school.

The structure of each of our sub-schools, Junior, Middle and Senior recognises that our students transition through distinct developmental and learning stages. As such, each sub-school is underpinned on an education theme which links each stage of secondary schooling.

Our cultural diversity is representative of the broader community. This diversity is recognised and celebrated in developing a sense of belonging and well-being amongst all members of our school community.

The College has a multicultural student population. We are an accredited provider for international students.

A college where every student’s needs are nurtured so that they achieve.

The ‘Attitudes to School’ survey results indicate that our students are well above the state average in their feelings of:

  • wellbeing and morale
  • connectedness with peers
  • motivation and learning confidence
  • teacher empathy and stimulating learning environment.

Parents rank us very highly in regards to:

  • school improvement
  • behaviour management
  • classroom behaviour
  • general satisfaction with our school
  • approachability
  • reporting
  • homework.

Student Achievement

Our programmed approach ensures that  students’ achievements are linked to pathways that reflect their aspirations.

  • Lalor North Secondary College
  • 114 Childs Road, Epping, Victoria 3076
  • Telephone: 03 9401 3888
  • Fax: 03 9408 6983
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