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New Parents/Transition

Year 7 Transition

Our Year 7 transition program develops a solid foundation for learning, friendships and a sense of belonging.

From the outset, we help every student feel connected and provide opportunities to develop self-confidence in learning and leadership.

We take particular care in helping our new students build positive relationships with their peers and become accustomed to life in a secondary college.

Our Year 7 program focuses on improved learning, engaging students, and building resilience.

We provide a Year 7 dedicated courtyard and limit the number of teachers who teach them.

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Peer Support Program

All Year 7 students are involved in a Peer Support Program where they are mentored by Year 11 Student Leaders to assist their transition into secondary school.

Open Night and Tours

These invaluable opportunities will inform prospective parents and students seeking placements for 2016 and beyond.

Tours are conducted every Tuesday at 9.10am. Please contact the College to make an appointment.


Enrolment is through application only, and attendance at the Open Night or Tour is highly recommended.

Applicants for Year 7 enrolments must complete a Secondary School Selection form which is available from primary schools. Return this form to the primary school. It will then be processed through the normal primary-secondary school system.

Students who are successful in their enrolment applications are notified later in the year.

Government assistance

To assist with the costs associated with education, students under 16 years of age whose parents hold a valid Health Care Card or Pension Card may be eligible for the Educational Maintenance Allowance.  Instructions and application forms are available from the College General Office.

Scholarships and Awards

Prospective Year 7 students may be eligible for a scholarship; Year 9 students may also apply for a scholarship. There is an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of our students at each year level. Year 12 achievements are recognised during a separate graduation ceremony.

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