A message from Senior School to students and families

Dear Parents, Carers and Students in VCE and VCAL

As of today, we are back to remote and flexible learning for all students in Victoria. This is based on the advice of the Victorian Chief Health Officer.
This will continue until the end of Term 3, 18th September.
This is again another challenge for students and families and is a particularly anxious time for the Year 12 students finishing their Unit 4, VCAL, and last year of secondary schooling.
We wanted to reach out to all families to say that the school will do its best to keep all students supported and that the well-being of the students is the main concern of the Senior School Coordinators and staff.
HomeGroup teachers and Coordinators will be in contact with students regularly in order to check in with them and so that any concerns can be addressed as quickly as possible. If parents or carers have any concerns, we ask that you also contact your child’s Coordinator.
Our teachers are well-equipped for remote and flexible learning and will continue to deliver lessons to their students. SACs and SATs will be administered via remote wherever possible during this term. Some may need to wait until we return. If we hear anything different from the VCAA we will communicate this with you all.
VTAC applications are being processed and there is information for everyone, both on Compass and on the school website. Sue Brownbill will be making contact with all students in order to process the VTAC and related applications for this year.
We would like to again reiterate that no student will be unfairly disadvantaged by this further disruption or by any technology issues, should they arise especially during any formal assessment. Students are to immediately let a subject teacher or Coordinator know if they are experiencing technical issues and will be referred to our IT team for troubleshooting.
We would like to thank all families for their support and we encourage you to keep the communication open.

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