At Lalor North Secondary College we encourage students to accept the challenges that are offered and to grasp all the opportunities to improve their learning outcomes.

We value education of the whole person and strive to encourage learning in all areas: academically, physically, and emotionally. This is important because, in a young person’s life, there are times when they may need assistance in resolving a variety of issues.

The College has school counsellors who are available for counselling and support. Referrals to the Student Support Team are given to the Student Welfare Coordinator. If specialist services are required, it may be necessary to refer students to external agencies. Parents/guardians will be informed prior to such referrals.

The Student Counsellor, Psychologist, School Nurse and Social Worker are available to speak with students and families about any concerns or issues with which they may need assistance.

Speech Pathology

Our Student Services Team has access to Speech Pathologists available through the Northern Region. Speech assessments can be conducted at our College and feedback to parents is given. Further follow-up is provided if required.

PSD support

The PSD Team at Lalor North secondary College includes a Well being/ PSD coordinator and Student Support staff and who cater to the needs of students with disabilities.

Students involved in the PSD program have individualised learning plans and are supported within the classroom setting by support staff. We believe that every student has the right to the best possible educational opportunities in an academic, physical and social-emotional sense in an inclusive setting.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our students achieve to their full potential whilst at school and are prepared for life in the outside world.