Our Middle School programs engage students in the world around them, and supports and encourages them to explore, to take responsibility, and to use their initiative.

Our personalised approach to teaching ensures that during the important middle years, we offer our Year 9 students more control over their study choices.

Our College encourages our students to become independent learners, to develop their personal skills and interests, and to become active in their communities.

The College provides broad elective choices, an integrated program combining core curriculum, research and applied learning outside the school campus, City School and Cross-Age Tutoring.

Middle Years Student Engagement & Wellbeing Leader: Kim Gray

Year 7 & 8 Coordinator:  Alycia Benincasa

Year 9 Coordinator:  Matt Tucker

Student Wellbeing & PSD Coordinator:  Tamara Howlett

Student Wellbeing:  Jacob McCrae

VET Coordinator and Transition Broker: Alina Azzollini

Careers Counsellor and Structured Workplace Learning Coordinator: Sue Brownbill