Come on, experience ‘Future-focused Learning’ with us . . .

. . . I could talk to you about all of the usual things that schools do but why would parents and carers choose to enrol their young people at our college if it offers nothing different? As a parent of three now adult children and as an educator over many years, I can suggest that parents and carers actually look for schools that offer two basic things, rigorous learning and a safe learning environment. Our college has those two things. We pride ourselves on a high level of professional teaching and a serious focus upon every young person as a unique individual with the potential to achieve excellence.

Beyond that, we are on the move and teaching students with an eye to the future. At Lalor North Secondary College we are dedicated to providing students with a balanced curriculum. This, along with our commitment to ‘Deep Learning through Inquiry’ and ‘Future-focused Learning’, prepares our students for the challenges that lie ahead of them. Our teaching staff are dedicated and committed to our particular approach to learning and teaching which places emphasis on preparing young people for today as well as, for the future. We have enhanced our approach to learning and teaching, home study and student behaviour across the college. Over recent years our Strategic Professional Learning Plan has built staff capacity in delivering an approach to learning and teaching that equips students for an uncertain future ensuring that they can apply ‘Deep Learning’ through; building character, achieving citizenship, working as collaborators, communicating effectively, being creative and applying critical thinking (Fullan, 2020).  

We encourage students to pursue their dreams and goals. The school provides many opportunities for each student to cultivate their interests and aspirations with the support of our highly experienced teachers and dedicated support staff.  Strong and effective learning technologies are in place, students from Year 7 to Year 12 use these every day as powerful learning tools.

At Lalor North Secondary College, staff and families work to cultivate a supportive school community that takes pride in its students, their learning, wellbeing, engagement and personal achievements. The college’s relationship with parents and students is collaborative and genuine.

Lalor North Secondary College is a medium sized school that has the ability to carefully nurture each young person that is enrolled.  Our beautiful natural environment provides a calm and tranquil place for students to play, stroll, reflect, chat and learn as they move about their school grounds. We are intentional in developing in our young people a love of the natural environment and our need to collectively care for it.

I warmly invite you to visit our College and encourage you to come and see just what an education for the future can look like. So, come on . . . . join us at Lalor North Secondary College where we dare students to be brave in everything they do and everything they learn.

Vicki Watson   

College Principal