The School Uniform and Dress Code has been developed and approved in consultation with the Lalor North Secondary College School Council

  1. All students in Years 7-12 must wear College uniform.
  2. Students are expected to dress in complete school uniform and to present a neat appearance. This also applies when travelling to and from school.
  3. A high standard of neatness and cleanliness is required.
  4. Hair must be well groomed. Long hair should be off the face and tied back or in a headband. Only black, white or bottle green headbands/hair ties are permitted. Hairstyles or colours should not be extreme, with only natural colours permitted.
  5. Jewellery: Small studs or sleepers may only be worn in ears. Stretchers are not permitted. A clear plastic invisible retainer may be worn on any other facial piercing site.
  6. Facial piercings are not permitted. (Skin coloured or clear piercings are not permitted.)
  7. Lalor North College respects the diverse religious beliefs of members of its community. Modest exceptions are made to the uniform code to allow students to observe the requirements of the religions to which they belong (and not for personal adornment).
    One religious symbol may be worn around the neck under the following conditions:
    a. The symbol is small and plain (no more than 25mm unless specific permission is given).
    b. The symbol is suspended below the collarbone on a fine chain, thin thong or similar.
    c. In addition, head coverings may be worn where it is a religious requirement (plain black or white only).
    d. No other clothing or jewellery may be worn unless parents have sought and obtained permission for the specific item from the Principal.
  8. If nail polish is worn to school, it must be clear.
  9. Make-up is not to be worn.
  10. Caps/hats must not be worn in class. They are to remain in lockers/bags during class time. Exception – caps/hats may be worn during Phys. Ed. and Sport and for safety reasons in practical classes as directed by a teacher.
  11. Only plain black scarves are permitted at school.
  12. Shoes must be fastened – shoe laces tied up and buckles fastened.
  13. Students are not permitted to have bags in the classroom or in the yard at recess and/or lunchtime.
  14. All articles of clothing including shoes, must be clearly named.
  15. The sports rugby top is not to be worn as a substitute for the woollen pullover.
  16. Students who do not meet the College’s Code of Dress/Appearance might not be permitted to participate in school activities, including sport.