Our core belief is that improving teacher capacity has a direct impact on improved student learning outcomes. Therefore our whole school approach to teaching and learning focuses on common curriculum planning and documentation, research-based pedagogical approaches, and ongoing diagnostic assessment. These underpin the professional learning undertaken by the teachers at the College to ensure that all students are able to develop sequentially to maximise their learning outcomes.

LSNC Student Reporting & Promotion Guidelines

Effort All students from years 7–12 will have a section of their report where teachers make judgements about the work ‘Effort’ of students. The ‘Effort’ section will have the following three components:

Behaviour: treating others with respect, respecting other’s property, respecting the right for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Classwork: arriving to class on time, bringing the correct materials, attempting all work and maintaining an organised workbook/folder.

Homework: recording all homework in the student-planner, attempting all homework and meeting deadlines.

All students from years 7–10 will be required to satisfactorily complete class work to be awarded satisfactory completion of a subject.

Redemption and Promotion

Teachers will report on student progress every six weeks.

The week immediately following the reporting weeks is deemed ‘redemption’ week. Should a student be behind in their class work, homework or assessment tasks, a SMS/letter inviting your child to attend redemption classes will be sent. At the redemption class they will be given the support and opportunity to complete their work.

Please note that the increased frequency of reporting on student progress is in addition to the usual two formal opportunities for parent-teacher-student conferences that parents and guardians are invited to on an annual basis.

Additional support: In addition to the above schedule, Homework Club will continue to run on a weekly basis as a separate opportunity for students to receive extra assistance with school-based class work, homework and assessment tasks. Homework club runs every Wednesday after school until 4pm.