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Principal’s message

Welcome to Lalor North College. I am delighted to be the Principal of our College.

Lalor North College is a 7–12 campus with a current enrolment in excess of 450 students.

Our College vision is incorporated in these three words, ‘Inspire, Believe, Achieve’, which define and drive our culture and underpin the work of our teachers and students. Our values of ‘Respect, Working Together and Meeting Challenges’ further motivates ways in which we work.

The focus of our College is on teaching and learning. We work to ensure that our staff and students share a sense of pride in our College and its traditions, whilst also embracing the challenges of 21st Century Learning.

Prospective parents and students can be reassured that every student at our College has the opportunity to secure a positive future.

The staff and I welcome you to Lalor North College. We encourage you to become involved in your child’s education through a shared partnership in creating educational opportunities for your children.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at school if you require additional information.

John Conway


Useful information:

  • Lalor North Secondary College
  • 114 Childs Road, Epping, Victoria 3076
  • Telephone: 9401 3888
  • Fax: 9408 6983
  • Email:

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